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Re: Bug#35410: floatbg doesn't continually change the X root window colour

Robin Stephenson wrote:
> floatbg changes the root window to a pastel shade, but does not modify
> this colour later (I took a snapshot with xv on successive days and
> compared the colour revelead by the middle mouse button).  It *does*
> continue running, however, and appears to be active in some respects:
> it will change the background back to the initial starting colour
> after a while if the background is changed (eg with xsetroot).
> This is running Debian 2.1, Linux 2.0.36 I believe, ie a vanilla slink
> install, on Alpha.  I'm running X in 24-bit 1280x1024 with the Mach64
> server on a UDB.

I'm unable to reproduce this. I ran floatbg on a 24 bit display and it
worked fine. (Testing it is easier if you grab the source, comment out the
single sleep statement in the code, and recompile.)

I think this may be an alpha-specific problem. Or it could be a problem
specific to the X server you run.

see shy jo

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