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Re: Potato woes

Brederlow writes:
 > Giuliano P Procida <myxie@dev.madge.com> writes:
 > > I upgraded a fairly fresh install of Slink to Potato (of about 16 hours
 > > ago). Since then the system has gone mad (seemingly random dates within
 > > 1970 are reported). I don't think this is a problem with the date command
 > > as pppd also reports negative times and generally fails to work. I'm
 > > using the 2.0.36 jensen kernel from the CD.
 > > 
 > > Moving to a 2.2.6 kernel seems to fix the date problems but due to
 > > multiple oopses 2.2.6 is unusable. In fact, I'll only use it to get a
 > > working PPP when I need to download some more .debs.
 > > 
 > > Any advice?
 > Try to fix the kernel. 2.0.36 just doesn't work, its to old. You need
 > a fairly new kernel for potato.

Humm, while waiting for the 2.2 kernel to stabilize, 2.0.36 has proved 
rock solid (altough you need separate patches to  compile on Alpha).

I am curious about what exactly make a 2.2 kernel required for potato
(a 2.2 kernel still require the previously posted patch for RTC)? It
would be a bad idea to require it, it would make the upgrade procedure
more complex, and error-prone.



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