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Re: ssh unaligned trap error...

On Tue, Apr 20, 1999 at 03:57:34PM -0400, Steve Clark wrote:
> I have successfully compiled SecureSHell 2.0.12 on my RedHat Linux / DCG164LX
> 533 Alpha. The system does not appear to have any problems running or answering
> SSH request but, when the
> daemon fires up from the rc.local or the command line the extract below appears
> in the syslog.


> Apr 20 10:26:46 www kernel: sshd2(219): unaligned trap at 0000000120025458:
> 000000011ffff60c 2d 2


These things only happen on alpha chips (afaik, maybe someone with a PPC or
sparc running linux can confirm/deny this?), but are completely harmless.

I am not an assembler and/or alpha specialist, but these things are variables
that don't start the right boundary. The kernel intercepts them, and realigns

In an ideal world, these wouldn't happen, but they are nothing to wory about.
The programs will function normaly, and there is no security risk ...


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