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Re: thread-safe xlibs?

On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Oliver Soell wrote:

> Has anyone else found that while trying to configure eMusic (or, for
> instance, Flashback that I downloaded yesterday) it complains about non
> thread-safe xlibs? What might I need to do to remedy this situation?
> I'm running an sx164 with an up to date slink installation (and yes,
> the new 11 rev or the xbase and xlib6g packages solved my previous
> dependency problems before, thanks to everyone who helped out).
> >
> checking for thread-safe xlibs... no
> configure: error: You need to have thread-safe xlibs to use flashback.
> think:~/flashback# 

I just compiled the xfree86- debs and found everything still
complains that I don't have thread-safe libs.  I was under the impression
that glibc2 implies thread-safe, but not on alpha I guess.


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