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Re: Wine

>>>>> On Thu, 01 Apr 1999 02:14:20 -0500
>>>>> "Luke" == Luke Shulenburger <sluke@MIT.EDU> wrote:

Luke> [...] Will it be difficult to run wine on an alpha?  (when wine
Luke> gets more stable in general) Will it be difficult to port to run
Luke> with debian's current set of libraries? [...]

WINE stands for `WINE Is Not an Emulator'.  It runs X86 code natively,
on the processor.  This will presumably run on an Alpha under EM86,
but the obvious question to ask is `why?'.  winelib, on the other
hand holds out a lot more promise: the idea here is to provide a
Windows compatible API.  In other words, you can put winelib on your
machine and compile Windows code to produce *native* binaries.  This
is much more exciting, and is where Corel appear to be putting their
development effort.  In effect, the Windows API is gradually becoming
a cross-platform generic library.

The best people to ask for more details are the WINE developers: start
at <http://www.winehq.com/>.

 Robin Stephenson
 Do Not Shake

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