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boot compressed readonly usb-media with aes encryption Bug#444565: marked as done (live-helper: lh_binary_debian-installer points to unexistent config) Bug#447260: marked as done (live-helper: resolv.conf should be removed from cache/stages_bootstrap/etc) Bug#452448: marked as done (Versioning of udev.) Bug#453360: marked as done (live-helper: global hooks mini and minimal break local hooks natural flow.) Bug#454553: marked as done (live-helper: lh_clean missing handler for --usage) Bug#457595: marked as done (live-helper: lh_chroot_resolv confused by symlink to (nonexistent) /etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.conf) Bug#457740: marked as done (remove \n from syslinux splash screens ) Bug#460887: marked as done (live-helper: lh_clean --usage calls itself recursively) Bug#465873: Debian Live: live-helper in Debian lenny: lh_build chokes on the "@" charachter Bug#465873: marked as done (Debian Live: live-helper in Debian lenny: lh_build chokes on the "@" charachter) Bug#468201: Unhelpful error message in lh_config Bug#468264: live-helper: lh_build leaves chroot/dev/pts mounted after it has finished Cannot boot to Gnome Can't open /scripts/live on boot cryptsetup + xdriver patches ctrl-alt-f2 does not get prompt Custom graphical Password-Prompt in initramfs Debian Etch LiveCD for Alpha 21264 - unable to build? Debian Live patch detecting filesystem type for squashsfs 3.3 Disable sudo for 'user' error message example scripts wanted GNUmed on Debian Live CD how to add user to "fuse" group? how to make live-cd from my debootstrap image? Jffs2 needs erase size Latest aufs, squashfs and lzma modules for kernel 2.6.24 Lenny-LiveCD boot error ("/bin/sh: can't access tty ...") lh_build devpts-live already mounted lh_build on lenny and squashfs-tools Live-usb with persistence losetup can't establish loop during boot Lyx Mixed distributions on Debian Live images (and bug in ssl-cert 1.0.15) Mixed distributions on Debian Live images (and bug in ssl-cert 1.0.15) non-squashed filesystem No subject Packages to override in guest Patch that reproduces the crash I see with fuse persistence not working predefine interfaces by MAC with udev? Problem booting live CD built on etch: INIT: Id "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes Problem with running the image Proposal for package workflow/packaging Request for lh_config switch to set default password Some news from auxiliary debian packages concerning debian-live squashfs antifuckup packages squashfs-tools cannot be authenticated squashfs v 3.3 gives some errors Success with kernel 2.6.24 and squashfs 3.3 swap questions syslinux splash bug, probable cause syslinux splash screen? The last update was on 11:45 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 220 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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