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syslinux splash bug, probable cause

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 07:20:54PM +0100, Michael Creel wrote:
> Hello all,
> live-helper-1.0-a37 allowed for provision of a custom syslinux splash. The
> current git version, and I believe a38, do not allow for this. A diff
> between lh_binary_syslinux from live-helper-1.0-a37 and current git shows
> the following. I believe that the current version has problems with the way
> sed is being used.
You can see it's no longer referencing a variable:

> 257,269c257,269
> <         sed -i -e "s|{\$LINUX_LIVE}|${LINUX_LIVE}|" \

> <                -e "s|{\$SPLASH}@|{SPLASH}|" \

> ---

> >         sed -i -e "s@{\$LINUX_LIVE}@${LINUX_LIVE}@" \

> >                -e "s@{\$SPLASH}@${SPLASH}@" \

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