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error message

De (from) (von) <shgeo at online.de> :

> Please try to use lh_build in this way:
>    sudo env MKSQUASHFS_OPTIONS="-b 64k -no-sparse" lh_build
> Here you can find more information about this problem:
> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-live-devel/2008-February/003121.html

Thank you. But after 
root at zandette:debian-live $> lh_clean
root at zandette:debian-live $> env MKSQUASHFS_OPTIONS="-b 64k -no-sparse" lh_build

P: Begin copying chroot... 
P: This may take a while.
P: Begin mounting /dev/pts...
mount: devpts-live est d?j? mont? ou chroot/dev/pts est occup?
mount: selon mtab devpts-live est mont? sur /root/debian-live/chroot/dev/pts

root at zandette:debian-live $> ls

of course no binary.iso...

Philippe MONROUX

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