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Bug#468201: Unhelpful error message in lh_config

Le Wed, 27 Feb 2008 16:08:42 -0500,
John Reese <jreese at leetcode.net> a ?crit :

> Daniel Baumann wrote:
> > Will Murnane wrote:
> >> Hypothetically, would you be averse to converting the lh_build
> >> scripts to Perl?
> > 
> > yes. i'm thinking of doing it in python or c. not sure yet.


I simply don't like this idea... Shell is very simple and a lot of
people is able to do a dirty hack to their own usage. Python (or perl)
will permit the same kind of things but demands to knowing the
language... (I know one for my part but not the other one and I guess
that's a lot of people are in the same situation).

In C, it would be so complex to make a dirty hack that's people will
just give it up before trying (the compilation process will be a
barrier itself).

My point is that's more people talk *sh than perl, python or even C.
Just let lh_* accessible to a lot of adminsys please :)

(Sorry if an inactive maillinglist person give a such fixed position
but the fact is that I like lh_* because of the shell language used
for it)

My 2 cents,

Erwan Le Gall

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