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Disable sudo for 'user'


thanks for your quick answers!

Daniel Baumann wrote:
> that's a bug then. which distribution did you build?

I built a CD based on Etch (everything here is Etch, except live-helper).
The "official" build (from
  as far as I remember) has the same problem, too. Can anyone confirm this?

> there's no sudo required, so, just fixing the nosudo option will be
> enough (although I do not remember that there is a bug with nosudo; it
> was working last time i used it).

Of course, I'd prefer a fixed nosudo option. But will this fix be 
backported to Etch?
Otherwise, I'll have to use some script as suggested by James Barrett. 
By the way: is it OK to simply modify /etc/sudoers with a script at 
runtime or do I have to manually use visudo as stated in the comments at 
the top  of that file?


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