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swap questions

Chris Fanning wrote:
> It boots fine except we are seeing.
> Activating swap...done.

that 'Activating swap' comes from the initscript from the normal system.
it enables, if any, a swap partition found in /etc/fstab.

/etc/fstab contains automatically a swap partition if live-initramfs has
found any usable swap partition on the machine.

> Warning! dirs delete and imap options to remount are ignored

this is a message from unionfs and has nothing directly to do with swap,
but may have been triggered by an initscript before.

in any case, you can ignore that message anyway.

> 2. We would like as much free RAM as possible. Is using a nbd for swap
> a good idea?

depends. by default, a live system requires around 50mb because of
'modifications' on the rootfs during system startup. these modifications
consume ram.

if you use lenny or sid, live-initramfs will require a bit less memory
because it mounts rootfs with noatime.

> I've tried it on one diskless server but can see that I'm going to
> need to tell each individual server the nbd port to use.
> How would you do that? With a persistent partition? Or perhaps this
> can be done with initramfs scripting?

the easiest, fastest and best thing would be, that you have a local
harddisk with a linux swappartition on it. this way, you don't need to
configure anything and it's beeing used automatically.

if that doesn't suit your needs, i'd go for an additional initscript
setting up the swap, or by modifying the swap script in

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