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Disable sudo for 'user'

Daniel Baumann wrote:
> well, you lacked to mention, that you're working with etch.
> etch uses casper which does not have a nosudo option. :)

Oh, sorry, I didn't realize that.

> in general: either use lenny/sid (which is broken atm due to squashfs),
> or use a live-initramfs backport for etch.

I think maybe I'll just try modifying /etc/sudoers with an init script 
first, since I'd like to stick with stable builds (if possible).

James Barrett wrote:
> It would be wiser to edit the file with visudo.  I have never tested a 
> system where I (or someone else) had edited /etc/sudoers by hand, but 
> visudo does some basic locking, "sanity checks, and checks for parse 
> errors".

I don't really need sudo for this live cd at all, so it doesn't matter 
if it breaks.


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