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Debian Etch LiveCD for Alpha 21264 - unable to build?

I cannot find any Debian LiveCD ISO image for an Alpha/21264 platform on the
server: http://live.debian.net/cdimage/release/4.0_r0-rc1/
Also, I have problem with building the livecd for AlphaStation XP1000 (21264) on
my Etch/x86 which is running well itself.

Using instructions from: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianLive/Examples
for a start, I'm running a comand:
    lh_config -a alpha -d etch -p xfce-desktop && lh_build
and I'm getting following messages:
    W: skipping /usr/bin/lh_bootstrap_cache, foreign architecture.
    W: skipping /usr/bin/lh_bootstrap_debootstrap, foreign architecture.
    W: skipping /usr/bin/lh_bootstrap_cache, foreign architecture.
    P: Begin caching chroot stage...
    E: lh_chroot_devpts missing
- this last one is an error that I cannot resolve, cause this file is present
and I don't understand what's wrong.

I've also checked on the same, my Etch system, that ISO images building process
for i386 & AMD64 archs runs well:
    lh_config -a i386 -d etch -p xfce-desktop && lh_build - WAS OK
    lh_config -a amd64 -d etch -p xfce-desktop && lh_build - WAS OK
But for unknow reason the alpha arch has the mentioned error, even when cut the
command to the shortest notation like:
    lh_config -a alpha -d etch && lh_build
- the error is still the same, I was trying to change target distro even to
potato, woody with no results - the same error.

So, the question is,
how to using the Debian Etch/i386, build the customized ISO image for
Alpha/21264 platform (I would love to include some tools like dd_recsue,
editors, ssh, ncftp, mc, gzip, bzip2, simple X11 + some webbrowser, etc.)
- or maybe you could just point me to some location, where I can simply download
such ISO images, while I was unable to find it by myself.

Best Regards,

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