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Debian Live patch

El Tuesday 19 February 2008 19:52:19 Mikl?s Mer?nyi va escriure:
> People,
> what do you think about it?

Hello Mikl?s,

my personal experience is that now, in my environment, computers are more 
powerful and the amount of RAM memory allows that live systems can work 
without swap space; also the pendrive is so slow that working with swap on 
them is not practical, in this case, old computers with only 256 MB of RAM 
perform the same manner with swap on pendrive or without it.
most times I configure the pendrive without swap,

Now, my interest is oriented to integrate services in live systems, as SQL, 
e-mail, SSH, Apache, VNC, Samba, NIS+NFS, etc
I am trying to do it in configurations of clients as of servers,

> Regards,
> Mikl?s
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