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Bug#468201: Unhelpful error message in lh_config

Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Will Murnane wrote:
>> Hypothetically, would you be averse to converting the lh_build scripts
>> to Perl?
> yes. i'm thinking of doing it in python or c. not sure yet, c would be
> nice because it would be possible to build static binaries which can be
> executed basically everywhere without any prerequisities. python would
> be a compromise, somehow.
> but perl is, from my personal egoistic point of view a noop for me
> (reasons, mainly: i don't speak perl it, and don't like it).

If I may add my two cents to the mix, I would love for live-helper to be 
ported to either of those two languages (but preferably Python as a 
module usable by other apps).  I have greatly considered offering my 
talents as a contributer to the project, but the use of shell scripting 
is a big barrier to entry for me, as I always spend more time debugging 
my poor shell scripting skills than actually getting work done, and with 
several other C++/Python projects on the side, I feel I can better 
contribute to a project in a language I already fully understand.

But if lh was moved to Python, I would be willing to help out where 
possible, once I can better understand the code and the actual process 
of building a live environment.  And Python would also make it dirt easy 
to separate an API from the helper scripts, which in turn would make it 
dirt easy to convert helper scripts to something friendlier like a Gtk 
wrapper.  Just my opinion though...

John Reese

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