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Debian Live patch

Hello All,
a few weeks ago I started to taylor casper to my needs, and as now I see
that live-initramfs is going to replace it, I'm asking you, if my
modifications are interesting for others. I haven't take a closer look
at live-initramfs yet, maybe some of my additions are already in it.

What I coded so far:
	- Support for using a swapfile on usb media (having the extension
".swap"). It could be created/resized/disabled with boot parameters.
Even there's a functionality to move it to a new space on the media
after a scpecified number of reboots, to spare the write-vulnereable
	- Alternative location of the root of the live media ( because I prefer
to use something like /boot/live on a pendrive, to have only one dir in
the root)
	- A more generic way of parsing the boot parameters - addig a new one
is only adding its name to a line.
	- Support for starting up in runlevels other than "2"
	- Starting up X with xinit instead of [kdx]dm to spare some bytes of
memory on older machines, a single program could be specified (f.e. for
a browser-only kiosk)
	- An alternative way of autologin on the terminals, which does not
break 'more' (but might have other issues)
	(exec openvt -c $VTNUM -w -f -- su - $USERNAME -c \"bash -l\")

Anyway, I just started up with casper, and tested my add-ons on ubuntu,
but if you think some of these functions are worthy, I could 'port' them
to live-initramfs, or send you my code -just let me know how to.


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