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lh_build devpts-live already mounted

Please edit the script "/usr/bin/lh_chroot_devpts".

* replace the following original line [80?]:

    if [ -e chroot/dev/pts/0 ]

* with:

    if mountpoint chroot/dev/pts -q

That's all.

BTW: Are there any concern about implementing this patch in future
versions of live-helper?
I know that mountpoint has problems with bind-mounts. But that doesn't
matter in that case, because the devpts-mount is not a bind-mount.
Are there any other side effects , that I have disregarded?

Sebastian H.

Thomas H. George schrieb:
> lh_build ends with a message "mount: devpts-live is already mounted or 
> chroot/dev/pts is busy"
> I found this problem discussed in the January archive as bug 459697.  I 
> still have the problem.  Is there a solution?
> Tom
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