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how to make live-cd from my debootstrap image?

El Friday 22 February 2008 15:39:22 Chris Fanning va escriure:
> Hi,


> I've got a debian installation I built from hand starting with debootstrap.
> using live-inistramfs I have succesfully booted it on a local
> installation and also via nfs.
> Now I would like to boot it from a CD but I'm a little lost.
> The help I can find on the net only seems to indicate how to starting
> from a live-helper installation. (not my case).
> Any pointers please?

in the FAQ are instructions to create a cd starting with grub


if all the files are in the CD, create a structure of directories like that:


and fill with the corresponding files,

mkdir -p iso/boot/grub
cp /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/stage2_eltorito iso/boot/grub
cp chroot/boot/* iso/boot/
cp filesystem.squashfs iso/live

create the grub menu and burn the CD as explained in the FAQ,



> Thanks.
> Chris.
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