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losetup can't establish loop during boot


I set up an live readonly usb stick with a loop-aes encrypted 
squashfs-rootFS. Now I try to use gnupg multi-key-v3 mode. I try to 
store the gpg-key on an different usb stick which is mounted before I 
try to set up my loop to my encrypted squashfs.
In my test enviroment I can set up the loop with the following command:

"/bin/cat /keys/rootfs_cleartextkey | /sbin/losetup -e AES256 -p0 -K 
/keys/rootfs_keyfile.gpg /dev/loop0 /boot/live/rootfs.squashfs" (later 
on the device which is mounted to /keys will be encrypted, just for 
testing I'm trying with an unencrypted key-partition!)
now I'm able to mount it somewhere.....

I already build gpg statically, do I have to do any special to integrate 
the new static version of gpg in my initramfs?
In my live.log is written:
Error: Unable to  detect home directory for uid 0 (home dir shouldn't be 
necessary cause I use symmetric encryption, which doesn't need any 
pubkey or secretkey)
Before I dropped to my busybox-prompt I see on tty1 the following message:
Squashfs:  something like cannot read from block 0x0 (I don't exactly 
remember, but doesn't matter, cause the gpg-decryption failed for some 
Does any of you have the slightest clue what to do?

Greets and thanks


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