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boot compressed readonly usb-media with aes encryption


I'm trying to encrypt my squashfs-file in order to boot my usb-stick 
with the kernel-parameter encryption=aes.
I'm using an up-to-date kernel patched with all neccessary stuff such as 
squashfs, unionfs, aes, loop, cryptoloop.
On my chroot test-enviroment I build my squashfs unencrypted, set up my 
loops in order to encrypt the file. To test it I mount it as loop and 
everthing works fine.
When I try to boot, I get prompted for my passphrase, but I can't get 
through this. Then I get asked if I won't continue to try decrypt the 
file. If I say no I fall in my busybox-shell.
What am I doing wrong?
I'd be glad to hear from you.

Greets and Thanks so far


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