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example scripts wanted

On Montag 25 Februar 2008, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> > --packages included gnumed but I guess I need to pull in XFCE to have a
> > working window manager.
> if you want some 'basic grapical desktop' with xfce, add -p xfce to the
> lh_config call.
> > One more question. How do I include gnumed from testing since the stable
> > version is very old. I guess I have to work with apt-pinning somwhow.
> you can put a custom preferences in config/chroot_apt/preferences.
> however, building a lenny based image is probably safer/easier (given
> that you, currently, you have to include the squashfs antifuckup packages).

Silly question of mine: Are the antifuchup packages only neccessary if I build 
for lenny or if I mix testing into etch (for the GNUmed packages)


Sebastian Hilbert 
Leipzig / Germany
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