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ctrl-alt-f2 does not get prompt

Tim Richardson wrote:
> If I go into chroot/home I see an empty directory.

again, the user is created while runtime of the image, not at build-time.

> chroot/etc/passwd does not have a user called 'live' or 'casper'

same here.

> starting via qemu eventually gets to this error:
> /bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off

this is because you're building unstable, and unstable has a fucked
squashfs module package (it is existing, but empty because of a
regression in the squashfs-source makefile).

> I realise this is a developers' mailing list, but if someone had time to
> give me a lh_config example that worked, it would be good. 

it's a list for everyone, not a developers list. however.. the working
solution is, to build a lenny based image and include user-setup package
from sid (by wget'int the .deb and putting it into

> user-setup says it is frozen at version 1.17 in testing, by the way.

yep; this is because it provides a .udeb.

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