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ctrl-alt-f2 does not get prompt

On 2008-02-06 07:13 -0700, Nick Golder wrote:
> I am getting '/bin/sh: can't access tty: job control turned off'
> even when I try explicitly using lenny:
> lh_config -a i386 -b usb-hdd -d lenny -p gnome-core \
> --packages "squashfs-tools ntfs-3g util-linux less smartmontools"
> sudo time -p lh_build
> The host machine that is running l-h was pinned for for etch/lenny/sid
> that could have generated a dependency issue.  squashfs-tools is still
> at 3.2r2-9 from lenny.  Any other packages I should be concerned about
> breaking l-h?

Could someone post their /etc/fstab from a running l-h built system?

Nick Golder

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