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Packages to override in guest

Daniel Baumann wrote:
> i'd like to see the complete config/*

Admittedly, I'm currently building these images	from an Ubuntu Gutsy 
box, but I've grabbed and installed the latest live-helper and 
live-initramfs packages from sid, as suggested by some on IRC.  So I 
just tried doing a barebones build in hopes of getting *something* working:

lh_config  -a i386 -b usb-hdd -d sid -p standard
sudo lh_config

It (seems) to build perfectly fine, so I pop the image onto my flash drive:

dd if=binary.img of=/dev/sda

And now I boot up my laptop from usb, and after a few moments, I get a 
few of these:

kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds
EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.

and then:

aufs 20080128
loop: module loaded

and then the BusyBox/initramfs prompt.  If I 'ls /', I see 
filesystem.squashfs listed, and all the usb stick's files in /live/image/

Could this be a problem relating to running this from Gutsy?  I figured 
with the sid packages for live-helper and live-initramfs, it wouldn't 
matter what my host system was.  Am I wrong?  Should I try setting up a 
lenny or sid machine and build my images that way?  Any other ideas?

Thanks for your help.  I really love the way the app works, I just wish 
I could actually figure out how to get a working build out of it.  :P


John Reese

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