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Live-usb with persistence

El Friday 15 February 2008 14:39:12 Erwan Le Gall va escriure:
> Hello,

Hello list,
> In the second hand, I found the few lines about "initramfs" and
> "live-snapshot" which could be an alternative. But I'm unable to create
> any image with initramfs either on SID than ETCH with backports. I'm
> wrong on something or this is a knew issue ?

in testing, live-helper will use the standard kernel but the versions of the 
squashfs modules and squashfs-tools are different

when building a lenny Live, if we prefer use squashfs 3.2
then download and compile the package squahsfs-tools from the repository :

(and two more files)

and copy the package to config/chroot_local_packages

else, also for lenny, if we prefer squashfs 3.3, must use sources for squashfs 
and lzma, build the modules and copy it into config/chroot_local_packages

> thanks

Kind Regards,

Jordi Pujol

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