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Lenny-LiveCD boot error ("/bin/sh: can't access tty ...")

I tried to build a Lenny image on my own with live-helper1.0~a37~20071120:

lh_config \
--distribution lenny --packages-list 'kde-core' --architecture i386 \
--language de --bootloader syslinux --bootstrap debootstrap \
--apt-secure disabled --union-filesystem aufs \
--linux-packages 'linux-image-2.6 aufs-modules-2.6 squashfs-modules-2.6' \
--initramfs 'live-initramfs'

The boot procedure of the final Live-CD breaks and opens a BusyBox.
The "live.log" contains the following:

mount: Mounting /dev/hda2 on /live/image failed: No such device
stdin: error 0
debug: Can not mount backdev /dev/loop0 (Image = 
/live/image/live/filesystem.squashfs) on croot/imagename 
mount: Mounting /dev/loop on //filesystem.squashfs failed: Invalid argument.

The mount-command inside the busybox shows, that /dev/hdc is mounted on 
/live/image (and not /dev/hda2). Therefore in /live/image/live I can see 
the file "filesystem.squashfs".

Using mksquashfs with -no-lzma option (by editing 
/usr/bin/lh_binary_rootfs) didn't solve this problem. (There are no 
problems with building Etch images.)

Can anyone help me?

Sebastian H.

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