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swap questions


We are trying out things here in the workshop, and we have a couple of
(more) questions.

1. Diskless servers boot with
append vga=normal initrd=remote_boot/initrd.img-2.6.18-5-686 boot=live
nfsroot= netboot=nfs
# ls /opt/live-server/live/
We are using a chroot filesystem that we prepared previously, it is
etch. we didn't build it with lh_build, instead just a normal

It boots fine except we are seeing.
Activating swap...done.
Warning! dirs delete and imap options to remount are ignored

What does that mean?
The 'top' command doesn't show any swap mounted.

2. We would like as much free RAM as possible. Is using a nbd for swap
a good idea?
I've tried it on one diskless server but can see that I'm going to
need to tell each individual server the nbd port to use.
How would you do that? With a persistent partition? Or perhaps this
can be done with initramfs scripting?

Thanks again.

 was wondering about swap.
We need all the RAM we can

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