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Bug#468201: Unhelpful error message in lh_config

Will Murnane wrote:
> Cool.  Is there a simple way I can get bleeding-edge live-helper
> packages through apt: i.e., some repo with the latest git version?

deb http://live.debian.net/debian-snapshots/ ./

> I
> build debian live quite often, on the order of twice a week, but it's
> never particularly important that it build correctly.  Thus, I think
> I'd be a good person to help test a "real-world" build process.

nice :)

> This doesn't appear to work:
> lh_config -b usb-hdd --mirror-chroot
> --mirror-chroot-security
> ...
> lh_config: unrecognized option `--mirror-chroot'
> lh_config: unrecognized option `--mirror-chroot-security'

indeed, thanks. just fixed in git now.

> Hypothetically, would you be averse to converting the lh_build scripts
> to Perl?

yes. i'm thinking of doing it in python or c. not sure yet, c would be
nice because it would be possible to build static binaries which can be
executed basically everywhere without any prerequisities. python would
be a compromise, somehow.

but perl is, from my personal egoistic point of view a noop for me
(reasons, mainly: i don't speak perl it, and don't like it).

> It would make this kind of internal consistency easier to
> maintain.  Rather than specify in several places the name of the
> option, what variable it's tied to, and what its help output is, one
> could create a single hash containing the data for all those items and
> iterate over it in different ways.  It might be possible to do this in
> shell scripts, but Perl makes such things relatively easy to express.
> This could also lead to easier unit testing in the future: include a
> test function in the hash that checks for functionality.  I don't have
> time to maintain such a port, but I think I could at least get a
> working prototype together.  This could be a slow migration; Perl will
> deal with environment variables just fine, and not all the code needs
> to be rewritten at once.


> If you have a counter-suggestion how I could
> help, please let me know.  This project has been very helpful to me
> and I'd like to give back if I can.

atm, the biggest help on live-helper would be in a) testing-building
with live-helper snapshots, and b) writing manpages for lh_*. any help,
whatsoever, very much appreciated and welcome.

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