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Disable sudo for 'user'

You could either remove /etc/sudoers from an interactive shell or do it with a chroot hooks script. Without the sudoers file, sudo should be completely non-functional.  If you still need another user to have sudo, edit the file instead.  

James Barrett

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From: Sven Schneider <sven.schn at freenet.de>

Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 19:00:47 
To:debian-live-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org
Subject: Disable sudo for 'user'


I'd like to modify my Debian Live CD so that the user "user" may not use
sudo. (Of course, I've already set a password for root). I tried to set 
the kernel boot option "nosudo" but unfortunately, the standard user is 
still added to /etc/sudoers.

How do I change this? Is it possible at all, or does 
casper/live-initramfs need sudo for some reason?

I'm using Etch (including debootstrap), live-helper is from Lenny.


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