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lh_build on lenny and squashfs-tools


live builds on lenny are broken due to latest squashfs-tools v 3.3.
they generate 3.1 squash version, where squashfs kernel module can't
using squashfs-tool 1:2.2r2-9 proove to make it work, but it is not easy to
set it up for lh_build usage
since it is upgraded to 1:3.3-3 automatically.

1) i put squashfs-tools_3.2r2-9_i386.deb in local packages

2) I believe this one should fix :

creating config/chroot_local-includes/etc/apt/preferences :
Package: squashfs-tools
Pin: version 1:3.2r2-*
Pin-Priority: 1001

to maintain it even if an upgrade is coming.

but i didn't manage to do a clean build since i have other problem with
apt-proxy getting stuck.
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