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Disable sudo for 'user'

Sven Schneider wrote:
> I built a CD based on Etch (everything here is Etch, except live-helper).
> The "official" build (from
> http://live.debian.net/cdimage/etch-builds/20070716/i386/debian-live-etch-i386-standard.iso 
>   as far as I remember) has the same problem, too. Can anyone confirm this?

well, you lacked to mention, that you're working with etch.
etch uses casper which does not have a nosudo option. :)

in general: either use lenny/sid (which is broken atm due to squashfs),
or use a live-initramfs backport for etch.

> Of course, I'd prefer a fixed nosudo option. But will this fix be 
> backported to Etch?

it's not actually a fix, it's a feature addition. the casper included in
etch will not be changed during life-time of etch.

however.. currently, you can install live-initramfs on etch (not even a
rebuild of the .deb is required). so, just put live-initramfs*_all.deb
into chroot/local-packages, set LH_INITRAMFS to live-helper and rebuild.
this needs a snapshot of live-helper from git though.

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