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Packages to override in guest

John Reese wrote:
> I know that there has been plenty of work, and that pretty much any 
> distro/repo other than debian/sid is likely broken from user-setup, etc.

in contrary :)

etch is working fine; lenny will get fixed user-setup today as its
unblocked now, and sid /should/ again work, now that squashfs is fixed.

> What I would like to do is to create live images of both Etch and Ubuntu 
> Gutsy, but everytime I do so, I end up with either initramfs breaking 
> before mounting the squashfs filesystem, or the live system hangs at 
> runlevel inits without ever logging in.

i can't help with ubuntu, as theres no ubuntu specific support anymore
in live-initramfs. additionally, i don't have an ubuntu system at hand,
so everything i say about it is purely untested, theoretical knowledge.

> So getting to my question, what list of .deb packages from sid should I 
> download, what directories should the packages go into, and what do I 
> need to change in my config files to get things working?

etch and lenny (as of tomorrow) are just working fine. for sid, i've
done some successfull manual builds yesterday. automated will follow
when fixed squashfs on the mirrors.

(manual means, manual configuration, automatic means, out of the box
configuration without manual 'interference')

if you're focussing on etch, i'd like to see the complete config/* you
have used to generate it. otherwise one cannot reproduce/help you with it.


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