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[no subject] AW: CMD649 Chipset Re: be supernatural Can't set a translater on CMD649 Chipset Compiling leafnode: MAXPATHLEN issue Confessiny my ignorance... default pager and hurd hangs... dpkg: adding a "Kernel:" tag to control files Emacs not working under X For Neal GNU/Hurd contributor Neal Walfield interviewed GNU/Hurd hardware guide grub problems resolved H2 CD images H2 - Hurd "task" scripts H2 images having trouble with grub help needed: does the current gcc-3.0 package build on the hurd? Re: Holiday Gifts! Cartoon Character Jewelry from HURD for Dummies The Hurd (gnumach) is crashing on network cards Hurd Orientation '(ipc/mig) bad request msg ID' error Is new icon 9.4.0-2 building ok on hurd? Lies, damned lies and statistics Login Shell on Serial port Login shell on serial port ./MAKEDEV kbd failing MiG I do not have. Mouse Problem (was Re: ./MAKEDEV kbd failing) My understanding of python2.1 and cthreads Network related Newbie questions out of date web page PCMCIA and other help Plex86 packages ppp troubles/questions pre-login fun Problems with NetGear LNE100TX Programming for the HURD shadowfs (Was: Re: X11 failled to run) start-stop-daemon? status pppoe Support for Adaptec 39160? system crash when much disk io talk-hurd by Marcus Brinkmann T-shirts um-ppp installation Unidentified subject! Re: Un-met dependencies Using apt-get with a PPP connection X11 failled to run (was: H1 images - comments and questions) /X11R6 -> . (was: X11 failled to run) X on hurd: no kbd support in MAKEDEV The last update was on 20:09 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 175 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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