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Re: Using apt-get with a PPP connection

>>>>> "LP" == Laurent Pelecq <laurent.pelecq@soleil.org> writes:

    LP> It could be possible for example to let the Linux apt-get/dpkg
    LP> unpack the debs using --root and just run a `dpkg --pending
    LP> --configure' on the Hurd. It's not a big difference but such
    LP> things make life easier... I don't know if it's possible
    LP> actually.

I see, it's a good idea.  I think a primitive, but usable, method is to

  dpkg --root=... --recursive --unpack .../var/cache/apt/archives/

after apt and after success to move all packages from the cache
elsewhere (e.g. with apt-move).


Milan Zamazal


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