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Re: Compiling leafnode: MAXPATHLEN issue

On Don, Nov 29, 2001 at 09:48:59 -0200, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> > I just tried to build leafnode from the current debian source package.
> > Unfortunately compiling fails due to a MAXPATHLEN issue in activutil.c

> well, for a quick fix, a simple:
> #define MAXPATHLEN nnnn
> where nnn is some big number you would like to use for it at the beginning[0]
> of each file that uses it or somewhere on a .h that is #include'd by every
> file that uses it will do

Due to my complete ignorance I have no idea what a reasonably large
number might be. So I just chose an arbitrary value (9999). I was then
able to build and install leafnode and it works after a fashion.
However, the texpire program for expiring old news items seems to hang
(so does the "su" command when I try "su news").

I don't know what the usual procedure for this kind of issues is. Should
I file a bug to the Debian BTS or is it more appropriate to report them
to debian-hurd?


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