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Re: having trouble with grub

Ian Duggan (ian@ianduggan.net) said:

>Odd. My only guess is that maybe you are editing a different copy of
>menu.lst on your system than that which the bootloader is using. Can you
>make other changes to your menu.lst file that will show up in the

when i first edited my menu.lst, the additions showed up, with the exception
of the module line.  also, after having this problem i removed i line for
linux-2.4.12 (unrelated) which ceased to show up when i reboot.

i don't think that grub is reading another menu.lst, under linux 'updatedb
&& locate menu.lst' showed:


one of the things i tried was using 'module=(hd2,0)/boot/serverboot.gz' as
an option in the same way that you would pass 'root=/dev/hd3s1,' which did
show up when i went to edit it the entry from grub.  are there any know
issues with version 0.90?  it seems to be the most recent version in debian
unstable for linux, so i would assume that its what most others are using.

theres no word in english for my style...
Dave Terkanian

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