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default pager and hurd hangs...

Hello all,

I searched the mailing list archives for this one but couldn't
find a word... I finally got the hurd to boot on my 486 (thanks
to all that helped, compiling gnumach made it) and the network
is up.. so I mounted a filesystem I have on my k6 that has a
hurd "cd" copy from wich I would get my packages

problem is I got to mount it over nfs but when I do 
an `apt-get update', I get: 

(default pager): dropping data_request because of previous paging errors

(two times, some times more...)

after that the system seems to hang, I can press some enters and
the line keeps going down, but when I press C-c it hangs completely
all that I can do then is pressing "reset" (C-A-D doesn't work)

I tried copying some files from the nfs-mounted filesystem and got
that after some files were copied too... I use the same partition
on my k6 successfully (but over ext2, not nfs) ah, by the way, the
apt-get update command is able to get some data from the filesystem
before crashing the system...

any clue about this? do nfs (or network) have a severe bug wich
disables me of doing what I'm trying to?

finally, I'd like to know if I'm being off topic... should I point
this kind of message to other list?


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