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The Hurd (gnumach) is crashing on network cards

Hello all,

I've been trying to boot the hurd on my 486... I got the beast to
boot but it was hanging just after scsi detection, while booting
the Hurd on my k6 I noticed that after that step was the network
card detection so I removed my network card from the computer

it works! I have an ISA NE card (uses ne.o under Linux). I'd like
to know if I should report this to someone and if "yes" is the
answer, how? what kind of information I need to fill in? how can
I fix this to make it work? I am very interested in having the
hurd to boot on my 486 as I'll be able to connect to the internet
"directly" with it using my k6 GNU/Linux box as gateway and that
will be a good help on my testing things...


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