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H2 - Hurd "task" scripts

Would people please check these packages lists and let me know if there
should be any amendments.

initial.sh  (a basic initial installation to supplement the tarball)

at logrotate console-data info man-db manpages mailx exim
bsdmainutils console-common ncurses-term doc-linux-text perl lynx anacron
aptitude mc screen sudo vim inetutils dialog um-pppd

developer.sh (for Hurd hackers)

gcc cpp mig g++ make make-doc pmake m4 
autoconf automake autotools-dev libtool bash bash-doc cvs gdb 
diff patch

gui.sh  (for an X-window system)

x-window-system-core lbxproxy proxymngr twm xdm xfs xfwp
xnest xprt xspecs xterm xvfb xserver-xfree86 xlibmesa3 xfonts-base
xfonts-100dpi xfonts-75dpi xfonts-scalable xbase-clients xutils

Please note that an important function of these lists is to ensure that
the packages are on the first CD, so if there are packages that people
_may_ want to add to their system would let me know and they will be put
on the first CD.

Other "task" lists would be welcome.

The H2 CDs are coming on nicely.  There have been quite a few important
changes under the bonnet.  I planning to produce them in the next 5 - 10
days.  There are 40-50 packages on the fourth CD not counting those which
have been excluded because of dependency problems.


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