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Re: Network related

On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 01:10:29AM +0530, Jeffrin wrote:

>  When i ping from my typical GNU/Hurd workstation to my GNU/Linux server
>  in my house there is not even 1% packet gain.

Ah okay.  There's a few questions for you:

1) Does it work when you have a different OS loaded?  (That will tell
us if the network cabling, etc is good.  That will also tell us if
Linux has a firewall in place)

2) What type of network card is it?  Does it get detected on boot up?
(Just watch the screen for what driver it detects for eth0)

3) What IP addresses/netmasks have you setup?

4) Can you ping from the GNU/Linux system to the GNU/Hurd system?  Is
it only one way that fails?  (That will tell us if perhaps the
translator is running not sitting on the correct inode)

Jeff Bailey

Abandon the search for truth; settle for a good fantasy.

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