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Re: PCMCIA and other help

> > There is work being done in the L4Env project at Dresden to create a
> > framework for L4 that would allow one to drop in Linux drivers and
> > recompile to get a working driver. I'm not sure of the status of the
> > project, but it appears to be under development.
> I don't see the point, as this is what OSKit does.  OSKit does much more of
> course, but it is also very modular, so you can only use the Linux driver
> framework and ignore everything else.

It's my understanding that the OSKit has a set of Linux drivers from an
older version of 2.2 Linux. It doesn't contain the newest set of
drivers. I don't think OSKit is set up to easily be able to drop in any
driver from the Linux codebase and get it to work, but I admit I'm
uninformed here.

I'm also under the impression that OSKit is x86 only. L4Env may have
loftier goals. We'll know more when they release more information and
documentation. I'm just spreading rumors here.

-- Ian

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