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Re: um-ppp installation

On 23-Nov-2001 Anders Jackson wrote:
> philippe brochard <phil.brochard@free.fr> writes:
> [...]
>> That works!
>> >> PS1: Like I don't find docs on this subjet (only messages), I'll
>> >> very happy to make one or include one in a FAQ. (But I have to 
>> >> understand what to do)
>> > 
>> > One of the problems is that I do not have a modem and have never
>> > actually tested this part of the code -- I normally test using ppp
>> > over a serial cable between two computers.  So, I think it is pretty
>> > evident why I am not the best ppp maintainer.
>> > 
>> poorly, I can help for this part, I don't know how ppp is working...
> Would it work with diald?  You run dialdi as root.  It will use ppp on
> demand.
> It works realy well for me on Linux.  Haven't downloaded daild and ppp
> for Hurd yet, so I don't know if it works.
> /Jackson

I don't know if that works, because now I'm not abble to just use wget or

I get this message with wget:
root@hurd:~# wget http://www.debian.org
--14:16:04--  http://www.debian.org/
           => `index.html'
Connecting to www.debian.org:80... 
www.debian.org: Host not found.

and it's the same thing with lynx.

I think there's something wrong in my config, and I don't know what.
But my modem works well, I can connect to my ISP (I got a PPP> login,
and I can't connect with a wrong authname or authkey), and the 
/etc/services seems up to date.

So, if someone can help me...


Note: maybe those problems are less importants than others, so tell me...

Philippe Brochard <hocwp@free.fr>

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