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um-ppp installation


I'm a new user of the Hurd, and I try to use ppp to connect to the net.

But I have a little probleme: I can't make a device /dev/tun0 (or N)
with ./MAKEDEV tun0 in /dev like it's said in the ppp man pages.

So, I try to rebuild the gnumach with the option: pseudo-device tun 0
in the configure.in in the gnumach sources.
But I have some errors with asm and the dx register in (path?)/string.h.
(note: gcc, emacs, autoconf and automake works very well,
but I don't know if rebuilding gnumach is a good idea...)

Maybe I make something wrong or I have not read all the docs
(so, sorry, but I find nothing about that on google)

Thanks for any help...

my Hurd version: 2001 11 05
my gnumach version: 2001 10 13
my um-pppd package version: 2001 08 04

PS: sorry if this is a stupid question...

phil brochard <hocwp@free.fr>

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