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Can't set a translater on


I want to use the Gnu/Hurd on my Toshiba Satellite 4200.
It's the first time I install the Gnu/Hurd. Im' using the H1-CD.
I didn't have any problem installing the hurd, until the end.
After having run for the second time the native-install, I now need my
cdrom to install other .debs.
At boot time, Mach finds my cdrom as hd2 :

hd2 : CD-224E-B, ATAPI CDROM drive

So in /dev, I did :

# settrans /cdrom /hurd/isofs /dev/hd2

and this is what settrans tells me when I do a 'cd /cdrom' :

/hurd/isofs: Couldn't find valid superblock

then the translator dies :-(

Please help....


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