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grub problems resolved

ok, so i: dpkg --force-depends --purge grub; apt-get clean; apt-get install grub
thining that it would solve my problem.  then on  whim i changed around
some menu.lst stuff:

was -
title hurd
kernel (hd2,0)/boot/gnumach.gz root=/dev/hd3s1
module (hd2,0)/boot/serverboot.gz

is - 
title hurd
kernel (hd2,0)/boot/gnumach.gz root=/dev/hd3s1
module  (hd,2,0)/boot/serverboot.gz

so it now works.  i don't know why it would crap out with the root (2,0)
line unless i have missunderstood the way that grub configures.  my
understanding was that this line was telling the root of the 'to be
booted' however my new understanding (from your message) is that this line
is the grub root.

also in looking at my other grub entries, this was the only one that used
such a line.  i probably should have tried eliminating lines i  "knew" i
didn't need.

anyways, thank you for your help

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