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Re: Using apt-get with a PPP connection

Milan Zamazal <pdm@zamazal.org> writes:
> >>>>> "LP" == Laurent Pelecq <laurent.pelecq@soleil.org> writes:
>     LP> I'm interested in any simpler method. This one requires to boot
>     LP> on Linux first and reboot again on the Hurd.

> If you can't access the network from the Hurd, I doubt you can upgrade
> from network without rebooting to another system. :-)

Sure. I don't expect not to be force to reboot :-) I was thinking of
something else. It could be possible for example to let the Linux
apt-get/dpkg unpack the debs using --root and just run a
`dpkg --pending --configure' on the Hurd. It's not a big difference
but such things make life easier... I don't know if it's possible

The `Download-Only "true"' you added in apt.conf is a good idea.
> I use a very similar method.  However, I don't do any copying, I simply
> mount my Hurd partition on /mnt/gnu and use the following apt.conf on
> GNU/Linux for downloading the Hurd packages:

I copy it just to avoid running apt-get as root on Linux to download
Hurd packages. But it is not necessary as you explained.

Laurent Pelecq

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