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Additional restriction to LGPL Advice on Drip (ITP #156287) Re: analysis of latest LPPL revision (1/2) Re: Bug#154281: libdvdcss ITP Re: Bug#156287: Advice on Drip (ITP #156287) Re: Bug#200003: cpp: contains non-free manpages Re: Bug#200411: confusing description of non-US sections Re: Bug#201761: ITP: mummer -- rapid alignment of large DNA and amino acid sequences Bug#202723: perl-doc: Non-free manpage included Re: Debian and copyrights Re: Defining 'preferred form for making modifications' DFSG FAQ (draft) FDL and doc/sw distinction, was Re: DFSG FAQ (draft) GFDL and man pages GFDL discussion at Advogato GFDL - status? Ghengis Khan (was Re: Debian and copyrights) GNU FDL and Debian Hi ! Implied vs. explicit copyright Inconsistencies in our approach Jabber Yahoo transport license Joint Authors and "Nonexclusive" Licenses Re: Transfer of copyright on death LGPL and Java Licence opinion migrating away from the FDL mplayer licenses Re: the Ode to my Goldfish Open Software License v1.1 Packaging of dvd software plz check mplayer 0.90-2 Relicensing GFDL documentation Re: removing non-invaraint section from a GFDL doc removing the "draft" from the DDP policy Seeking for help to resolve the RFC licencing issue Should our documentation be free? (Was Re: Inconsistencies in our approach) simple translation copyright issues Suggested small improvements to the (already excellent) DFSG FAQ Transfer of copyright on death translations under Creative Commons license? Unable to contact author of DFSG FAQ Unicode Character Database The last update was on 12:42 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 358 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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