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Re: Transfer of copyright on death

Andrew Stribblehill <a.d.stribblehill@durham.ac.uk> writes:

> FYI, the current licence is below:
>   9menu is free software, and is Copyright (c) 1994 by David Hogan and
>   Arnold Robbins. Permission is granted to all sentient beings to use
>   this software, to make copies of it, and to distribute those copies,
>   provided that:
>       (1) the copyright and licence notices are left intact
>       (2) the recipients are aware that it is free software
>       (3) any unapproved changes in functionality are either
>             (i) only distributed as patches
>         or (ii) distributed as a new program which is not called 9menu
>                 and whose documentation gives credit where it is due
>       (4) the authors are not held responsible for any defects
>           or shortcomings in the software, or damages caused by it.

How does the problematic part differ from, say, the license of TeX?

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