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Re: simple translation copyright issues

On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 12:42:53PM -0500, Elizabeth Barham wrote:
> Branden writes:
> > _Matthew Bender and Hyperlaw v. West_ and _Feist Publications,
> > Inc. v.  Rural Telephone Service Co._ would indicate "no" (in the
> > United States), but I don't think there's anything *squarely* on
> > point.
> I'm not sure who Hyperlaw is but I'm familiar with West. As I recall,
> there was a case where one company took West's publications and sent
> them to another country where they employed many people to type-in
> West's documents which was found perfectly legal (the legal documents
> themselves could not be copyrighted but West's hold on the documents
> is that they created them).
> Like I said, I typed these in by hand.

How the material was entered was not germane to the case I'm citing[1],
as I understand it.

For the sake of future Web/mailing list searches, here are some links
for further reading on the cases:

_Matthew Bender and Company, Inc. v. West Publishing Company_ and
_Hyperlaw, Inc. v. West Publishing Company_:


(The above decision is interesting for its discussion of the meaning of
"derivative works" under U.S. copyright law, a recurring subject on this
mailing list.)

_Fest Publications, Inc. v. Rural Telephone Service Co._:


(The above decision is interesting for its discussion of the meaning of
"originality" under U.S. copyright law, and the scope of copyright,
which are recurring themes on this mailing list.)

> I consider it public domain anyway so naturally that's how its going
> to be released.

Okay.  Please be sure you note that fact prominently.  Amateur copyright
police sometimes freak out and draw the wrong kind of conclusion when
they can't find a copyright notice.

> Thank you everyone for your feedback.

No problem!

[1] IIRC, though, such issues did matter to Judge Kaplan and the Federal
2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in _Universal v. Reimerdes_ (a.k.a. _MPAA
v. 2600_).

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