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Re: GFDL and man pages

On Tue, 2003-07-15 at 12:02, Walter Landry wrote:

> This is a summary of what you have to do.  The detailed requirements
> are in section 4 of the GFDL.  Note that this all has to be _in_ the
> manpage.  This may or may not make the manpage useless.  You also have
> to include the "Transparent" version of the manpage, which is
> presumably whatever format you used to create it in.
> And some people wonder why I hate the GFDL.

If you have treelang-3.3 installed try "info treelang" to see how
unfriendly relevant information lookup can become.

If one simply spaces through the info documentation one presses space 47
times on an 80x25 terminal before reaching "Getting Started".


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